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A Note on the Second Edition

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​8 brothers and sisters have begun taking Shelter from the Timestorms caused by Changes in the Past. They and their memories Survive the devastation of the Alterations in Time, but their lives become disjointed. They want their careers and their old lives back, but find it difficult to Adjust to a world where customs, fashions, laws and recent history are transformed every 2-3 weeks. Life for them is dangerous and stressful due to the Seven Dangers that Time Travel has brought into their lives. They struggle to fulfill their career ambitions in a world that seems completely out of control. They have to learn new habits,  new values, new science, and even new physics. They must learn Quantum Time Theory.





“Huston’s debut novel, starting a new sci-fi series, delivers a clever time-travel concept . . . An innovative time-travel tale.”  

Jules Verne

“Formidable! A tour de force! Incredible! Why didn’t I think of this?”

H. G. Wells

“This tale stuns me. How typical of the Americans to see Time Travel only in terms of profits. But what truly boggles my mind is that you have Travelled all this way in Time just to get a book quote from me.”

Mary Shelley

        “To discover that the people of the future have portable music astounded me. The author has paired pre-existing musical compositions with each chapter of his novel!”


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Photo Credit: "Chicago at Night" by Pete Stewart from Perth, Australia. Available under Creative Commons Attribution Generic License. Originally posted to Flickr 13 March 2012. 

Introduction: Safe House

Mission: Impossible/Music from the Original Television Soundtrack

Lalo Schiffrin & The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra

#1 Mission Impossible—Main Title

#2 Suite from The Contender—The Plot

#3 Suit from The Contender—Ready

#4 Suite from The Contender—Rollin

#5 Suite from The Contender—Time

#6 Suite from The Contender—Sleeping Phelps

#7 Suite from Submarine—More Plot

#8 Suite from Submarine—Mission Impossible Theme

#9 Suite from The Killer—Bower Hotel 

#10 Suite from The Killer—Check Out Time

Foreword/Epigraph/Family Tree/Wanted Poster

Ventures in Space

#22 Solar Race

#23 The Fourth Dimension

#24 The Twilight Zone

Chapter 1: The Brotherhood of Time

Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer

#1 Discombobulate

#2 Is it Poison, Nanny?

#3 I Never Woke Up in Handcuffs Before

#4 My Mind Rebels at Stagnation

#5 Data, Data, Data

#6 He’s Killed the Dog Again

#7 Marital Sabotage

#8 Not in Blood, But in Bond

#9 Ah, Putrefaction

Chapter 2: Time Machine

Blues Brothers 2000 

Various artists

#13 Let There Be Drums (The Carl Lafong Trio]

[skip #14 Season of the Witch]

#15 Funky Nassau [The Blues Brothers]

[skip #16 How Blue Can You Get]

#17 Turn on Your Love Light [Joe Morton & The Blues Brothers]

#18 New Orleans [The Louisiana Gator Boys]

#5 Perry Mason Theme {The Blues Brothers]

#7 Can’t Turn You loose (The Blues Brothers)

Chapter 3 Tourists

Halloween: The Best of John Carpenter

John Carpenter

#1 Assault on Precinct 13: Main Title

#2 Halloween: Main Title

#3 They Live: End Title [with Alan Howarth]

#4 Dark Star: Suite

#5 The Fog: End Title

#6 Big Trouble In Little China: Main Title

#7 Assault on Precinct 13: Julie’s Dead

#8 Assault on Precinct 13: Main Title, Remix One

#9 Escape from New York: End Title

#10 Prince of Darkness: End Title

This album is not on YouTube, but “The Best of John Carpenter Movie Theme Songs” works even though the tracks are in a different order

Chapter 4 Newcomers

Horror Classics (aka Horror Movie Hits)

101 Strings Orchestra

#1 Halloween

#2 Nightmare on Elm Street

#3 Wolf

#4 Bram Stoker’s Dracula: “The Beginning”

[Skip #5 Main Them from Jaws]

#6 The Omen

#7 Frankenstein

#8 Hellraiser: Ressurection Waltz

#9 The Shadow

#10 Friday the 13th

YouTube: Music From Scary Movies 101 Strings Orchestra

Chapter 5 Time Change Stress Syndrome

Ultra-Lounge, Volume 1: Mondo Exotica

Various Artists

#5 Atlantis [Lex Baxter]

#6 Alika [Webley Edwards]

#7 Misirlou [Martin Denny]

#8 Lust [Bas Sheva]

#9 Hana Maui [Chick Floyd & His Orchestra]

#10 Voodoo Dreams/Voodoo [Les Baxter]

#11 Jungle Madness [Martin Denny}

#12 Babalu [Yma Sumac]

Chapter 6 Chronophobia

The Essential Nino Rota Film Music Collection

Nino Rota/The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

#15 Toby Dammit (Histoires Extraordinaires)

#16 Theme (The White Sheikh)

#17 Theme (8 ½) [Nino Rota]

#18 Theme (I Vitelloni [Nino Rota]

#19 Theme (The Swindle)

#20 Theme (The Nights of Cabiria) 

Chapter 7 Strategy 

Shots in the Dark

Bob Keane/Various Artists

#1 Banzai Pipeline [The Boardwalkers]

#2 Baby Elephant Walk [The Jigsaw Seen]

#3 Peter Gunn Theme [Poison Ivy (of the Cramps)]

#4 Charade (Instrumental) [The Blue Hawaiians]

#5 Something for Cat [Four Piece Suit]

#6 Mr. Lucky [Elliot Easton’s Tiki Gods]

#7 The Pink Panther Theme [Oranj Symphonette]

Youtube: Shots in the Dark-Tribute to Henry Mancini

Chapter 8 Light Season

I, Swinger

Combustible Edison

#1 Cadillac

#2 Millionaire

#3 Breakfast at Denny’s

#4 Intermission

#5 Cry Me a River

Chapter 9 Intertime Government


Danny Elfman

#1 Batman Theme

#2 Roof Fight

#3 First Confrontation

#4 Kitchen, Surgery, Face-Off

#5 Flowers

#6 Clown Attack

#7 Batman to the Rescue

#8 Roasted Dude

#9 Photos/Beautiful Dreamer

Chapter 10 Past Life

Shots in the Dark

Bob Keane/Various Artists

#8 Lonesome [Friends of Dean Martinez]

#9 The Party [Wondermints]

#10 Monkey Farm [The Tiki Tones]

#11 A Shot in the Dark [Wiskey Biscuit]

#12 Touch of Evil [Man Or Astro-Man?]

#13 Days of Wine and Roses [Wonderful World of Joey]

Youtube: Shots in the Dark-Tribute to Henry Mancini

Chapter 11 Time Change

Walt Disney’s Fantasia 

Philadelphia Orchestra/Leopold Stokowski 

#5 Arabian Dance

#6 Russian Dance

#7 Waltz of the Flowers

#8 Sorcerer’s Apprentice

#9 Rite of Spring

Chapter 12 Dischronofiliation

Water Breaks Stone

Charlotte Martin 

#2 Water Breaks Stone

#3 Not a Sure Thing

#4 Battle Cry

#5 Science and Love


The Ventures in Space

#7 Tequila

#8 Green Onions







Reality 263

Guidepost Season

A Change is Coming

Get moving, Reader, if you want to live. The family meeting is over. We need to find Shelter before the Timestorm arrives, or our bodies will be torn into atoms. Our Beepers echo like freight train horns, and our Blinkers flash like crossing lights, reflecting off the arabesques on the vast curving walls of the Shawneetown underground, casting eerie elongated shadows of the nine of us: my sisters Amanda and Cartmell, my brothers Amos, Barlow, and Zeke, my brother-in-law Pete, and his kids Jackson and Jessalyn. And me, Dexter Vann.

Our Blinkers look like wristwatches, but when they flash, that means Armageddon is approaching: the Travelers have made another Change in the Past, and its repercussions are spreading Downtime, resulting in millions of changes. Molecules will be torn apart, swapped, and reassembled, creating a new Reality, number 264, with new people, customs, landscapes, laws, and Hazards.

The only way to Survive a Change in Time is to Travel in a Time Machine while the Timestorm passes. You don’t need to Travel far. A short-range Safe House will take you far enough.

I’m dressed like a lumberjack in a beard and a red plaid shirt, but nobody notices me. I’m not outstanding like my brothers and sisters. They’re wearing buckskin outfits or long dresses with petticoats because that’s the fashion in this Season. My oldest brother Amos has on one of his suits from a Lost Reality. This one is navy blue with white luminescent piping along the sleeves, trim and lapels. His shirt is also blue and his tie an iridescent red. He’s the standout.

And you, Reader. Well, you know how you’re dressed. Not like us. Nobody notices you. You don’t even cast a shadow.

As we shut off our Blinkers one by one, the dimness returns, and we can barely make out the walkway we’re on, overlooking a broad drainage canal here in the Catacombs beneath Shawneetown.

Moans and Groans

We don’t want to go through another Time Change. We were just getting used to thisReality. Why do the damn Travelers have to Change the Past again? Thirteen Changes were enough. We don’t want any more. We like Reality 263. Another Change is really going to mess with my engineering classes—and it’s not going to help Zeke with his graduate physics classes either. Barlow will lose his job as a cop, and Amanda’s vice-presidency at the bank will Disappear. 

We shouldn’t have to go through this.

Don’t put the Reader through another Time Change!



My family is big. Legends from Reality 250 in the Wilderness Season. But Amos is the biggest of us: six ten with broad shoulders, black-framed glasses, a deep voice, and a tanned face. He gestures to us. "Follow me. We need to find Shelter." He knows what to do because he’s our Sponsor and has been in the Timeflow longer than the rest of us. It takes us a moment to react, and we have to run to catch up with him. He leads us up the stone steps to the second sublevel. We can hear the subway trains whizzing into the station down the platform and smell the crowd, wet from rain. Amos lectures us as we rush ahead.

"You must never linger after you have noticed a Time Change warning. You must get to Shelter immediately, even if you have plenty of time. Because you never know what delays may beset you on your way. Your life may depend upon your quickness."

We've weathered every previous Change in Room 999 of the Brotherhood Lodge or the Roebuck Tower or The Common. Now we'll get our first taste of a Public Safe House.

KEEP UP WITH US, READER. DON’T LAG BEHIND. YOUR SURVIVAL IS AT STAKE. Just because you’re invisible doesn’t mean you’re immortal.

Public Safe House

Amos checks his phone for a list of Safe House locations, and a readout of the open and closed Shelters scrolls down his screen. The nearest is on the subway level. It’s out of order, of course. Amos won’t even bother to check it. The Type Two Houses at the subway stations are the most unreliable in Shawneetown.

Safe Houses cannot Travel into the Past. They lack a rocket engine powerful enough, and they don’t carry enough fuel or supplies. Their guidance systems are inadequate for that purpose.

"I've downloaded the latest information from the Society's web site. You should do the same each new Reality and keep your list updated daily. You must always know where the closest Safe House is." 

So we’re going to have to do this again? And again?

Amos picks up his pace, heading for the stairs at the head of the subway platform like he’s in some relay race. "Hurry. We're going topside. There's no time to lose."

Come on, Reader. We haven’t got all day.

The Seven Dangers of Time Travel

Amanda’s big, too: six three and the second oldest in the family. She dresses in suits like a banker and has medium-length brown hair that looks unstyled. You’ve never met anyone bossier, except Amos. He’s the only person who can top her. She constantly tries to out-intimidate him, but she’s never succeeded.

"We have at least twenty minutes. Why are we rushing?"

"You can't depend on the nearest Safe House. It may already be full of passengers. You need to conserve as much spare time as you can–-because you might need it."

Timestorms are Danger #1, Reader. They Wipe Out the entire human race each Reality. Only Longtimers who take Shelter Survive.

We march double-time behind Amos into the crowd and up the steps to the first sublevel and then to the street above. Amanda and Cartmell have umbrellas, but the rest of us get doused by rain. Droplets explode on our foreheads and pelt our backs like gravel in the wind.



I hate storms. I don’t like getting wet and sloshing around in my socks.

Proceeding northwest on McKinley, we duck into the sixty-story Blaine Building and shake the water off. Amos approaches a security guard in a khaki uniform, a guy in his thirties with jet black hair and olive skin, sitting at a desk near the door. A name tag reading “Hoffer” is pinned to his shirt.

"Can you tell us the way to Room 999?" Amos asks.

Useless Bystander

Hoffer is intent on meticulously recording numbers into a ledger. He looks up at us, shuts, the ledger, and puts down his pen. He stands and peers at us left and right slowly and carefully—because he’s Mr. Control.

“I’ll have to look that up. Stay right where you are.” 

Oh, come on. Not another fruitcake Bystander.

Bystanders are Danger #2. They can be lethal.

Hoffer keeps an eye on us as he reaches for a loose-leaf notebook behind him. But Amos has already turned and leads us onto the sidewalk into the rain. "Don't ever waste time on directions from ignorant Bystanders."

So we get soaked again.

How are you holding up, Reader? You can stand a little rain, can’t you?

At Locust Street, he turns and heads southeast across McKinley. We spot the Void Pirate Dorca Del Rio, standing on the corner of Grant Street in a white rain jacket with a hood. She’s already got her phone out.

“I’ve spotted the Vanns. Grant and McKinley.”

Amos and Barlow draw their guns, but she Disappears before they can fire. She must be wearing a skintight Voidsuit. That means Catterus has a Timeship nearby, and he’s hunting us.

Timecrimers are Danger #3, Reader. They mean to ambush us and shoot us in the back. But they’ll have to catch us first.

We look for the Crosstown Diner, but when we reach its location on Grant Street, we find an empty lot. So we just stand there in the rain.

Our Safe House Has Vanished

"It's already launched,” Barlow declares. He’s the second tallest in the family and the third oldest—six eight and built like an athlete, sleek with bulging muscles. He’s got black hair with a curl in front and brown eyes and a slight limp ever since his knee got whacked at the end of the championship game for Shawneetown U.

We stare at the indentations on the bare ground, like the ruins of a prehistoric fort, now filling with water, where the diner used to be.

Amos snaps his fingers to rouse us from our trance. "It happens. Come on. We need to get to the next one." I can't help but feel this frantic Safe House hunt belongs in one of my Alternate Lives I’m soaked to the skin.


I gesture at Zeke and Cartmell to speed up. My little brother is the fifth tallest in the family, six one, an inch taller than me. Only Cartmell is shorter because she’s still in middle school at Shawneetown Academy.


The next Safe House is in the back room of McElvoy’s Pub on Poplar Street. We file inside and along the bar toward the back, passing a row of barstools. We’re carrying an extra layer of water, heavy as a suit of armor. It trickles and drips, and we fling it off like we’re tossing dice. I smell cheeseburgers and notice a cutout square with a kitchen behind it. 

McElvoy’s has the best cheeseburgers, Reader. The kind where the cheese overlaps the patty and little stalagmites of cheese hang over the edges. And you can smell the beef. The whole place has the aroma of freshly baked buns. But we’re not here for cheeseburgers.

I’m as wet as a swimming dog—I could use a towel. It’ll be hours before my clothes are dry. I’m going to be as damp and uncomfortable as a sponge the entire time.

Amos leads us to the back, but when he knocks on the door to 999, a voice growls at him to go away.

Amos adjusts his glasses. "We are Longtimers. We've come for Shelter."

"Go away," the voice repeats from inside. "Leave me alone."

Oh, keerist—what now?

Amos glances at us. "Sir, we have come for Shelter from the Change. This is a Public Safe House. You have to let us in."

"Go away! This is mine. Go find your own."

Barlow twirls his finger around his ear. "He's Chrono. He's not going to let us in."

A Chroniac! Why do we have to run into one now?

Danger #5 is Longtimers. They can be lethal, too.

Sorry, Reader for these delays. Don’t worry—we’ll find a Safe House.

Running Out of Options

Amos hesitates. "We'll have to find Shelter somewhere else." He turns and leads us onto the sidewalk and into the rain. I’m not getting any drier, I’ll tell you for sure. Taking his cellular out, he flips the mouthpiece into place and punches in a number.

"This is Prefect Amos Vann.” He states his code. "I'm downtown on Poplar and Grant and need a Mobile Safe House for a party of nine.” Turning off his phone, he flips the mouthpiece up and slips the cellular into his pocket like loose change.

Finally we’re getting somewhere. He should have said a party of ten since you’re with us, Reader, but he’s forgotten about you in the stress of the moment.

"They're making a pickup around the corner in three minutes." Amos races down Poplar to Garfield, stomping through the puddles like a third grader, and stops when he sees us hanging back. "Come on!" He waves to us. "We have to hurry. Our lives depend on it." The wind has picked up, and the rain is lashing us now.

Speed up, Reader. Pick up the pace.

Amos rushes around the corner, so we scramble to catch up. Pete picks up Jackson under his arm, and Amanda carries Jessalyn as they plow ahead. The rain’s so thick we may as well be in a swimming pool.

"Run!" Amos jerks his thumb at us. "Stop dawdling."

Shoot the Bystanders

We run, dodging the pedestrians and umbrellas on the sidewalk. When we round the corner onto Oak Street, we’re confronted with a huge crowd of Locals. I see Amos pull his gun out, and I lunge at him. “No, Amos!”

“Get out your guns.” 

I grab his arm.

“Don’t shoot!” Amanda cries.

We can see the lights of a white van pull away from the curb down the block. On the side is the Logo of the Society of Time: a blue-white world surrounded by darkness. Amos yells to the Mobile Safe House and waves his arms like the Titanic signaling the Californian, but apparently the people in the van don't see him. Our cries for help go unanswered. 

Leaving the sidewalk, we rush down the street after the van, getting splashed by puddle after puddle, but the stoplight changes at the corner, and we see the van recede into the distance as we come to a halt by the curb and remount the sidewalk.

Uh-oh, Reader. Get ready for a spanking. You don’t have a revolver on you, do you?

Amos glowers at us. 

“Where Are Your Guns?”

We can’t meet Amos’s eyes. We look down and to the side. A few well-placed shots could have felled the Bystanders and opened a path through the crowd. It’s our own fault we let our squeamishness slow us down. We can feel guilt like a blanket draped over us. Raindrops sting us with accusations.


“They’re in Society Storage,” I tell him.

“Storage! They can’t do you any good in storage.”

“They’re too heavy. We don’t want to carry them.”

“It falls out of my belt,” Cartmell complains.

Amos thinks that over. “Holsters.”

Amanda starts to growl. “No. We don’t need holsters because we don’t need guns. We don’t want to shoot Bystanders, Amos. None of us do.” She gives him one of her glares.

Amos wrinkles his face at us. A peal of thunder drowns out his cuss words. “What is wrong with you?” He shakes his head, and rain drips down his cheek. Pulling out his cellular, he makes another call to the Society's Hotline. 

"We couldn't catch the Mobile downtown. We need a Special." A flash of lightning illuminates his determined face. A crash of thunder drowns out his conversation, and he asks for a repeat.

A Special

"We're out of Specials," the operator informs him. "But there is room in the Safe House on the 44th Floor of the Blaine Building on McKinley."

We groan when Amos tells us. Right back where we started. At least we know which floor this time. Amos thanks the operator, and we begin to run back in the direction we came from.

Son of a gun! We were in the right place to begin with. We let that stupid Bystander guard sidetrack us.

Is this our life now—running around frantically from Safe House to Safe House? What kind of way to live is that?

"Freakin’ Bystanders," Barlow growls on our way, rain running off his chin like sweat. 

I just want to shoot ‘em.

Approaching us is a black man with a scarred face who’s wearing a black t-shirt with a Jolly Roger on it. The Void Pirate Bones. We’re still being hunted. Bones is new to the gang, so he takes us for Bystanders. Cartmell and Zeke dance a dosido, and he walks right by us.

Once we reach the Blaine Building, we march by the security guard Hoffer, who is carefully examining a column of numbers in his ledger. He glances at us like we’re Hun invaders, drops his ledger, and races after us as we run to the elevators, leaving a trail of water, and push the button for the express. I feel like I’ve been through a car wash six times.

"Hey!" Hoffer cries. “You have to register. You need to explain the purpose of your visit, show me three kinds of I.D., and sign in. I need your names for a security check.” He hurries toward us, slipping across the wet floor like a hockey player, reaching us just as the elevator arrives. “Halt! You can’t go up there.” But Barlow decks him with a right hook.

The elevator door closes with us inside.

We’ve Had it with the Bystanders

"Good work, Barlow," Amos says. "Don't ever let the Bystanders get in your way.” The guard wasn’t in our way. Barlow was just showing off. I’m still wiping the rain off my face. At least we’re out of the storm.

We rise quickly to the 44th floor. I glance nervously at my watch. We have only five minutes to go. 

Don’t worry, Reader. We’ll make it.

At the 44th floor, we get out and look down the corridor in both directions, trying to figure out where Room 999 could be.

A figure at the corridor's end signals to us, and Amos heads in that direction. "Come along.”

“Hold on a minute,” Pete tells us. He’s a big man, nearly as big as Amos but teddy bear soft. A gentle giant. He’s not intimidating like us.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, bending over Jackson.

“My side hurts.” His ribs are getting sore, and he doesn't want to be carried.

"You'll have to run," Pete says. "Can you do that?"


So Pete slings Jessalyn over his shoulder, and Jackson runs beside him as they hurry down the hall. 


The rest of us quickly outpace them and stand inside the doorway of Room 999, urging them on like the third base coach. Little Jackson trips and falls, and Pete has to crouch down to comfort him so he’ll stop crying.

The elevator door opens behind them, and Hoffer steps out, holding his gun. “Halt!” he cries. Oh, meaningless universe, no! Not that fruitcase security guard!

Gunfight on the 44th Floor

Pete freezes, and Amos cusses. He pulls his revolver from his coat and fires at the guard. "Come on. We're almost out of time."

Pete lifts both kids on his shoulders and takes off running. Hoffer goes into the elevator for cover, but soon his revolver peeks out and returns fire.

"Are they in yet?" the Pilot T. J. calls from inside as bullets chip the plaster and ricochet off the doorsills. He’s a husky Cherokee Indian with a Counter Season accent, and he’s wearing a baseball cap, a red and silver Shawneetown Salt Miners jacket, and a headset.

"Not yet," Amos cries between shots.

KEEP BACK, READER. YOU DON’T WANT TO CATCH A BULLET. I know you don’t think you can die in my world but don’t take the risk.

Pete runs like a fullback for the door. He’s through the airlock and into the House with a minute to spare.

"Okay," Amos yells as the door closes, "we're in."

I can hear the hum of the rocket engines warming up.


I sit down behind the Pilot, belt myself in, and help you with your seatbelt.

Amanda glares at me from across the aisle. “Are you pretending you’re with that damn Reader again?” Her eyes are as wide as stoplights. “We’re about to be Wiped Out of Time, and all you can think about is your imaginary friend?”

I growl back at her. “The Reader deserves to Survive same as us.”

Her mouth is open wide enough to swallow a baseball. “There is no Reader! The Reader doesn’t exist.”

I’m in no mood to argue epistemology now. Of course the Reader exists. I’m not writin’ this journal for nothin’. DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO HER, READER. SHE’S GONE WACKO FROM THE STRESS OF BEING A LONGTIMER.

Danger #7 is ourselves, Reader: our own irrationality and bad judgment. I watch T. J. as he pulls the lever of the Dimensionalizer forward.

Nothing happens.

"Oh crap." He pushes the lever again. No response. We can hear bullets striking the door like arrows in a target. I‘m braced for null gravity, but it never comes. 

Oh, endless Void, why?

"The Timesucking thing's not working!" T. J. cries. Danger #4 is Time Travel. It can be lethal, too.


I don’t want to end my life in the stupid Blaine Building.

Stuck in the Three Dimensional World

I look at Amos. He has beads of sweat on his forehead and his phone up to his ear like he’s calling the governor for a stay of execution.

"This is Amos Vann again. I'm on the 44th floor of the Blaine Building. We have a dozen people here in immediate need of Rescue."

He’s included you in the count this time, Reader.

On the television screen in front of us I can see the black clouds of the Timestorm gathering in the east. From the protruding Godhead in advance of the storm, a network of lightning bolts spreads out, striking the ground. Two pillars of debris rise ahead of the storm like Twin Tornados, ready to be sucked into the cloudstream and rearranged for the 264th Reality.

We’re dumbstruck. We’ve run out of run.

Goodbye, dear friend.Maybe you and I can reconnect next time around, if anyone will Sponsor our Bystander selves again. We—   

Cloud Gate by Sharon Mollerus

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0,_Chicago_1_26_18_(26388865178).jpg




The Second Edition

  The First Edition is Terrific

The story has not changed. The characters have not changed. 90% of the writing is intact. So why a second edition?

When CreateSpace transitioned to KDP, I needed to republish the novel. In the meantime I had written five sequels, and my writing style had evolved. To make the series consistent, and improve it, I decided to create a new edition.

The guiding principle in the revision has been to make the novel easier to read: improve the writing, eliminate unnecessary words and add passages to make the reading more enjoyable.

What Has Been Taken Out?

Despite substantial added material, the novel is 100 pages shorter, because I have divided it into two novels: QUANTUM TIME THEORY and TIMESTORM RIDERS. Each book is now 13 chapters long rather than 24. I have cut one chapter from the first volume, but it will be available to read on my web site. In the first edition I found the makings of two stories, and I have revised and restructured them so each half is now a complete and satisfying novel. 

A Shorter and Easier Read

I have trimmed on average more than two dozen unnecessary words per page for every page of both novels, mostly single words but also phrases, sentences or paragraphs. I corrected any typos or errors in the text (there weren’t many). I also made occasional improvements in word choice. These are changes that will probably not be noticed upon a second reading. What will be noticed most are the things that I have added.

What Has Been Added?

The most obvious addition is a narrative introduction. This opens the novel in the middle of things with a fast-paced, exciting account that helps the reader get into the world of the novel. It accustoms the reader to the style, plot, characters, and setting. Two new chapters have been added to the second novel and one chapter has been broken into two.

Also noticeable are the headings, at least one per page. These are meant to break up the text into manageable chunks that the reader can easily navigate. Each heading serves as a title to clarify the meaning and function of the section. They create effects through figures of speech, irony, humor, foreshadowing, repetition, and emphasis, elucidate the plot, setting, and theme, and act as transitions within the text. Because each heading adds a line and a half of empty space, the number of pages has increased without an increase in reading time. They actually make the reading move more quickly.

Also prominent are the comments, asides and scenes added to incorporate the reader into the story. These not only make the reader feel valued but put the reader directly into the action, making the narrative more real and immediate. The reader becomes a character who sees the novel from the inside.

Other Small Additions

An excerpt of a review of the novel is included at the outset along with humorous fictional reviews.

A Wanted poster acquaints the reader with a list of antagonists before the first chapter.

More commentary on time science and time travel has been added.

A soundtrack is included of music that can be played to accompany the reading.

More information about the novel and its web site has been incorporated in the Foreword and Afterword.

A preview of the sequel has been added at the end.

These are changes that I believe are welcome and enhance the experience of reading the story. This is only the first in a series of more than a dozen volumes.

Have fun. Savor the changes. Or revel in experiencing the novel for the first time.

Ned Huston


4View of Chicago from the John Hancock Building at Night by Buphoff at English Wikipedia

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